by Wendy Rottman

In Pre-Production set to begin filming spring of 2014

STONEGATE STUDIOS will produce the new feature film "Polished", written by Wendy Rottman which is a new thriller currently in Pre-Production with filming scheduled in the spring of 2014.    



Polished is a horror thriller with a chilling twist. Devastated in the years after his wife is killed by drunken driver, Farrah Blake, on the eve of his 30th wedding anniversary, the husband, Richard Grant, a mortician, plots his revenge. After watching Farrah leave a courthouse a free woman, Richard snaps and goes from grieving husband to cold-blooded killer.  Over a period of time, he stalks, tortures and brutally murders Farrah and her three pretty passengers all who share the same traits: blonde hair and dark polished fingernails. Delusional and deranged, he is nevertheless able to elude capture with his calm public demeanor and his masterful and disturbing disguises while randomly killing a few more blondes along the way.


Embalming his victims alive becomes Richard's passion and preferred method of killing when strangling and stabbing them to death no longer exhilarate him.

His villainous routine includes biting off his victims' ring fingers because the ring finger symbolizes to him the marriage he no longer has and ripping-off his victims' fingernails; he uses the fingernail fragments in his gruesome handmade art displays. When he captures Alex Marino, a head-strong pretty brunette with a heart-of-gold, who had been a passenger in Farrah's car, his morbid fantasy is fulfilled.


Fearful the killer is just getting started, two local detectives, Jack Carter, a sweet John Belushi type and fast-food fanatic along with his partner, Grady Judd, a chiseled- featured strip club enthusiast, scramble to piece together the details of the serial killings.

Meanwhile, Richard's wholesomely handsome twin brother, Bob, a complete opposite of Richard, provides clues that may link him to a more than a decade-long unsolved murder mystery that has been haunting Jack for years. While their close-knit community remains on edge and terrified, the investigation team becomes baffled and weary when they're confronted with the grim realization that a second serial killer may be at large as well. As Grady and Jack crack one case, another goes unsolved.

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