by Evalena Marie & Kevin Barry

In Post Production

Follow two bank robers and their unwanted hostage into a seedy coastal motel in the dead of winter. When their boss doesn't show up and their tickets to freedom go missing, the three of them must battle through their deteriorating mental state and find a way out before they turn on each other.


A psychological suspense thriller produced by HORROBLE PICTURES, the producers od Serena and the RATTS ( Kevin James Barry), partnered with STONEGATE STUDIOS ( Tony Colapietro). AMONG THEM is the second feature film from Kevin James Barry. Co-Directed and Co-Created by Kevin and Evalena Marie, and written by Evalena.


AMONG THEM stars: Jonathan Thomson, Dan Liebman, Evalena Marie, Michael Reed, Bobby Kenney, Bernie Hutchins, Sarah Nicklin, Nicholas Apostolides, John Mosetich and Scott Hand.


Currently in Post Production, AMONG THEM is set for a 2014 release.  


by Wendy Rottman

In Pre-Production set to begin filming srping of 2014

POLISHED is a horror/thriller about Richard Grant, who becomes a "functional serial killer" after the death of his wife. He's not your traditional cinema "killer" because Richard seems to have it all under control and uses disguises to conceal his identity in public. Within this community, police detectives Grady Judd and Jack try to piece together the killings of women who all share the same trait of blonde hair and dark polished fingernails, although Grady Judd may have another motive in mind. Richard’s well-kept brother, Bob, provides a coincidental subplot that may tie to a history of an unsolved series of murders from years ago.


STONEGATE STUDIOS has been brought in to produce this film with Tony Colapietro set as the film's director.  This is a large scope project working along side another business partner Icon Gate Productions.  This is a project the whole entire team is excited to be a part of!!


by Jennifer Yarter - Adapted to script by Chris Panton

In Pre-Production set to begin filming fall of 2013

A dark romantic drama of a new love found that turns to mystery and uncertainty.  When two people meet by chance

will a past of another change the way they feel or challenge all that they know of the wrold around them.


Casting is still taking place and while this film is in preproduction locations and actors are being secured.  Film will star upcoming talent Evalena Marie as our love struck modern day professional woman and Nick Apostoledis as the charming man of mystery. 



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