Emmy Award Nominated Producer, Writer, and Editor, Chris has worked on everything from 30 second commericals to full-length feature films.  His work has aired both locally and nationally on networks such as FOX, NBC, Syfy, USA, and ESPN.  Most recently he produced the film, "Janie Charismanic", which features the award-winning actor Eric Roberts.  His first foray into movies was as editor for the feature film, "I Hate Tom Petty" which went on to win the 2011 Accolade Award of Merit and it is set to be released on DVD and Pay-Per-View this fall.  With all these accomplishments it's hard to believe that Chris actually started off in the business cleaning floors and dissasembling editing machines.


Chris continues to collaborate and work with a great pool of talent both in front of the lens and behind it.  As a commercial director he worked with the Emmy Nominated Television host and author, Mar Jennings on his soon to be released second book "Life on Mars, Creating Casual Luxury" and in September of 2013 he had the pleasure of meeting NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath at his Celebrity Golf Event for the March of Dimes when he filmed and edited packages for Class Act Sports; a company that focuses on pro athletes and their charities. 


Chris has rounded out his expertise in everthing from graphics to lighting because he feels that in order to be a successful company you have to know every aspect of the business - including making runs for cups of coffee.  He continues his passion in the art of visual storytelling while always keeping the business side in mind and his drive comes from something his father told him early on in life - "hard work always pays off".  

Speciallizing in Feature Films - Music Videos - Commercials - Corporate Video - Television Programming - Web Content - DVD Authoring - Visual FX