After finishing a successful and exciting six year run as a US Air Force Munitions Specialist, Atom decided to retire the uniform and set his sights on the film industry in New England. 


Ever since 2004, Atom has filled roles in the industry including everything from a Production Assistant, to a Grip/Gaffer, to a Producer. He enjoys the process, the “quick-thinking”, the creativity, the artistry, the collaboration and most of all, just staring at the final frames of success.

Over the years, he has worked on countless commercials, shorts and several full length feature films. Atom just loves this stuff, period.


Boy, this whole “writing in the third person” stuff is hard. Can someone get me a coffee? Black, with two sugars and a little cream, thanks...

Speciallizing in Feature Films - Music Videos - Commercials - Corporate Video - Television Programming - Web Content - DVD Authoring - Visual FX